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Barack Obama’s ego driven war

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Barack Obama’s ego driven war

For OpEdNews: Christopher Calder – Writer

War means mass killing, and the only justification for any killing is clear-cut self-defense. The United States has no justification for our continued military occupation of Afghanistan or a new systematic liquidation of the Taliban. The September 11th attack against the United States was carried out by Al-Qaeda, not the Taliban, and Al-Qaeda exists all over the world, with far more active members in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom than in Afghanistan. The 911 attack was planned in the U.S.A., not in Afghanistan, and the airline hijackers got their flight training in the United States, not in Afghanistan. The Taliban are native born Afghan citizens with a legitimate right to be in Afghanistan. U.S. troops are outside invaders with no legitimate right to be there at all.

Barack Obama used the Afghan war as a gimmick to get himself elected president. During the political campaign, Barack Obama stated that Bush’s Iraq war was a tragic mistake, but the U.S. invasion and long term occupation of Afghanistan was somehow justified and we should send even more troops to finish the job. In this way Obama could look militarily tough while opposing George W. Bush’s highly unpopular war against Iraq. Now Barack Obama is confronted with the undeniable fact that his early increase in U.S. troop levels in Afghanistan has not improved the situation in any way, and the Taliban are gaining in strength every day as more and more Afghans join to fight to expel the foreign invaders,…us! Rather than admit he has been wrong all along about our invasion and occupation of Afghanistan, Barack Obama decided to kill thousands of human beings and waste billions of U.S. tax dollars fighting a war to save his own ego from the humiliation of having to admit that he has been wrong from the very beginning about Afghanistan.

Barack Obama’s ego driven war should be opposed and deplored just as much as Bush’s unjustified war in Iraq and Lyndon Johnson’s unjustified war in Vietnam. America’s big problems are at home, not abroad, and we should use our military to protect our own borders from illegal immigration, not to fight foreign wars that have no ethical or practical justification. Border security is a highly cost effective way to make the United States safer; foreign wars are deadly financial quicksand that produce no positive gain for American security or prosperity. The United States should instead strive to reduce global tensions by formulating an ethical foreign policy that has only one face. That means we need to bring all our troops home and end all U.S. financial support for Israel’s illegal war of land theft against the Palestinian people. As long as the United States supports the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians from their own homes, there will never be an end to terrorist attacks against the United States. As long as U.S. politicians cowardly continue to allow the America Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) to formulate our Middle East foreign policy, then the U.S.A. will never be a true democracy itself.

The United States should end its senseless economic embargo of Cuba and normalize relations with North Korea. America hypocritically preaches to the world about “freedom” while practicing ethnic cleansing, torture, invasion, mass bombings, and harsh economic embargoes against innocent civilian populations. Barack Obama claimed to be an agent of positive change, but has instead embraced the old thinking of our corrupt Washington establishment, in part because Obama is a shallow narcissist, not a believer in any cause higher than himself. Every American president has had a healthy ego, but none has ever been as purely motivated by vanity as the childishly self-loving Barack Obama.

Barack Obama has already killed millions of humans worldwide with his tragic, politically motivated biofuel hoax, and now he will kill even more with a pride driven war that makes no sense in terms of practical benefit for the Unites States. The United States is financially bankrupt, and Barack Obama is borrowing his war money mainly from China, which now holds almost a trillion dollars in United States Treasury securities. Making the United States financially and politically subservient to the totalitarian government of China is a true threat to our national security, but Barack Obama is mainly concerned with his own inflated self-image, not with the welfare of the American people.

Obama wants to fight a war against conservative Moslem Afghan nationalists, the Taliban, who have never attacked the United States and who pose no military threat to the United States. The Taliban have no air force and no navy, and their backward ways are their own business and should not be the concern of the American people. The United States does not own the world and has no right to to use violence to reshape the world in our own image. The United States should endeavour to lead the world through quiet example, and needs to and clean up its own house before judging others. The United States is largely run by big-moneyed special interest groups, not by voters, so we are in reality a somewhat phony democracy.

Many Americans have a sick and twisted love of war as a blood sport, and we have tremendous national pride in our ability to kill and destroy better than anyone else. The Afghan war is like a football game for Barack Obama, and he does not want to lose the big game that he has invested so much of his ego in expanding. The United States, as the Roman Empire, has military bases all over the world, and we have deluded ourselves into thinking that we own the world. Like Rome we will fail and fall, because in provable fact we are just another nation, not God, and our aggressive militarism is a luxury we can no longer afford.

The United States is collapsing under the weight of its own corruption and foolish policies. We need better leadership than Barack Obama can give us, and Democrats should not support Obama’s destructive schemes just because Obama is a fellow Democrat. If even conservatives like George Will, Patrick Buchanan, and Pat Robertson oppose Obama’s pointless war, then certainly Democratic leaders should be able to muster the courage to vote against funding Obama’s ego driven war in Afghanistan.

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Christopher Calder is an advocate for world food supply security, and has no financial interest in any energy related business.

The views expressed in this article are the sole responsibility of the author
and do not necessarily reflect those of this website or its editors.


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December 15, 2009 at 3:33 am

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